Keynote Lunch: A Conversation With...Wilmer Valderrama & Carlos Coto from El Rey Network's From Dusk 'Till Dawn: The Series

A Conversation With...Wilmer Valderrama and Carlos Coto from El Rey Network’s “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series”

As the television landscape becomes more crowded, it is important for networks to develop recurring and memorable franchises that speak to their audiences and breaks away from the competition. Actor Wilmer Valderrama and executive producer and showrunner Carlos Coto will join us for an enlightening conversation exploring the groundbreaking series “From Dusk Till Dawn” that premiered on Robert Rodriguez’s new entertainment network, El Rey, in March. They will provide insight on how the series came to be, how its original production and creative approach earned them a quick second season, 13-episode renewal, and how it landed key distribution pacts, pushing the boundaries of TV and entertainment to new heights and new expectations. 

Welcomes by: Octavio Marin (NALIP Media Summit Director) | Vanessa Gonzalez | Jimmy Mendiola

Speakers: Wilmer Valderrama (Cast) | Carlos Coto (Executive Producer, El Rey Network)

Moderator: Pili Montilla (TV Host/Actress)


June 07, 2014 at 12:30pm - 2pm

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