L.A.’s FiGa Films Launches FiGa/Br


L.A.-based sales-production and distribution house FiGa Films, one of the leading specialists in Latin American art fims, is creating a dedicated label for Brazilian films: FiGa/Br.

The move comes as FiGa confirmed that Maria Rondon’s “Pelo Malo” (Bad Hair), will open theatrically in the U.S. this fall, distributed directly by FiGa, in an exclusive engagement at New York’s prestigious Film Forum.

“Opening at the Film Forum is a huge validation. After playing there, every other arthouse cinema in the U.S will be interested in ‘Bad Hair,’” said FiGa founder Sandro Fiorin.

In another sign of growth, new FiGa partner Robert Koehler, the former Lincoln Center programming director and Variety reviewer, will focus on bringing projects and films to FiGa from North America, “We are an American company, based in L.A., but we are hardly known here,” Fiorin said.

Run by FiGa’s Sandro Fiorin, a Brazilian national, and up-and-running for Cannes, FiGa/Br will sell about six Brazilian movies a year, tapping into Brazil’s up-and-coming talents newest generation of directors.

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