'Edge of Tomorrow' Reviews Are in and They're Tantalizingly Good


The trailers for "Edge of Tomorrow" look cool as heck, but let's just admit it: We're all a little bit skeptical about a new Tom Cruise action movie, especially one that's been bouncing around since 2010 or so.

But not so fast! The embargo has been lifted on "Edge of Tomorrow," and so far the reviews have been really positive. It was a smart move on the studio's part to let journalists start sharing their opinions with readers well in advance of the movie's June 6th premiere. That's the same weekend that "22 Jump Street" comes out, and it looks like "X-Men: Days of Future Past" and "Godzilla" will still be strong competitors at the box office. If the Internet could have damaged Cruise's career, maybe it can bring him back, right?

Here are just a few tidbits from tried and true sources.

Meredith Woerner at io9 enthused, "SEE THIS MOVIE. GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY. 'Edge of Tomorrow' is just a g*****n delight. I felt alive and pumped when I left the theater, and so did the other batch of critics who followed me. I want to see it again, right now. You will have fun."

Kate Erbland at GeekNation wrote, "Kate Erbland wrote, "Meet 'Edge of Tomorrow,' your new favorite summer blockbuster, a clever combination of existing property (a graphic novel), big time star power (Tom Cruise), and just plain entertainment value (it has bang for your buck, and then some)."

Germain Lussier over at Slashfilm wrote, "There is so much to like about Doug Liman's 'Edge of Tomorrow,'" adding that "Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt both bring a grounded, confident charisma to their roles. and Liman's direction mixes the biggest scope imaginable with beautiful, quiet, intimate moments. The film is almost amazing."

Over at ScreenCrush, Mike Ryan referred to it as "the best movie of the summer season so far" and "certainly the most fun."

It's been a long time since Tom Cruise has been this funny and, frankly, confident. Plus, some of the ways that Will is killed in this movie are downright hilarious - especially after it becomes a nonchalant afterthought that he sometimes has to be killed in order to restart the day to continue his training. Plus, it's nice to watch Cruise play someone who at first is basically a coward, opposite Emily Blunt's no-nonsense hero."

Yep, rumor has it that Emily Blunt steals the show from Cruise as the cool-as-a-cuke soldier who keeps killing Cruise's character until he can get it right. Erik Davis at noted that of its many cool attributes, "Edge of Tomorrow" is "a summer movie where a woman is the ultimate action hero." "When was the last time someone had to teach Tom Cruise how to be a badass, and that someone was a female?" Indeed!

Even mainstream industry sites like The Wrap and Variety praised it. The Wrap's Alonso Duralde wrote, "It's a familiar sci-fi mashup, but director Doug Liman knows how to find the fun and the thrills in this tale of an alien-fighting soldier who lives the same day over and over again."Variety's chief film critic Justin Chang wrote, "[T]his enjoyably gimmicky entertainment is not only one of Cruise's better recent efforts, it's also arguably the most purely pleasurable film Doug Liman has directed in the 12 years since 'The Bourne Identity.'"

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